Stand Your Ground Law “Sow Dangerous Conflict in Our Neighborhoods”

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Eric Holder


Washington (CNN) — Attorney General Eric Holder, a longtime target of Republicans who have tried to force him out of office, now faces the prospect of angering liberal supporters when the Justice Department decides whether to file federal charges in the Trayvon Martin killing.


Civil rights groups are planning nationwide vigils, and more than a million people support an online petition drive calling for admitted shooter George Zimmerman to face federal charges in the February 2012 killing.


Holder confronted that political pressure Tuesday in a speech to the NAACP, which is conducting the petition drive.


He repeated his pledge for a full investigation of Martin’s death in the aftermath of Zimmerman’s acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges by a Florida court, but was careful to avoid any promise or hint of federal charges.


Despite outrage, federal charges uncertain in Zimmerman case


Instead, Holder…

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